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Duke Engines

July 25, 2013

Duke on GE Ecomagination shortlist

March 17, 2013

Duke is on the GE Ecomagination shortlist

The Duke Engine is an Advanced Internal Combustion Engine

delivering high Thermodynamic Efficiency, complete Fuel Flexibility, (runs on any suitable spark ignition fuel), Neglible 1st and 2nd order Vibration with huge Weight and Size savings.

It is a considerably less complex internal combustion engine and is suitable for Marine (inboard and outboard), Light Aircraft, Generator/Utility and Military applications.

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Duke Engine

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Duke Engines in the Media

Duke Engines at Clean Equity Conference Monaco 2012.                  >CEO Ralf Muller Interviewed     >Business Review USA

EAA Sport Aviation and Knee Slider Magazine have penned excellent articles in praise of Duke Engine's unique axial internal combustion technology.              >Sport Aviation                                 >Knee Slider

Duke Engines at Flair Aviation Expo.        >Interview with John Garvey

Other:  VideooTube & Aero News Network


Duke Engines is looking for international co development and licensing partners for its range of unique axial engines.

Please contact us for further discussions and access to our validated test results and detailed technical information.

We would love to show you how a Duke engine can fit your application.

Want to see our engines live?

Engine Showcase Detroit, USA.

Please contact us if you are interested in a live demo.


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